Uncle Bud’s Farm

Uncle Bud


Uncle Bud favors compost.  compost specific to the vegetative growth cycle of out door and in door plants.  ORGANIC.  Earthworm Castings


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Uncle Bud


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uncle Bud and Max
Uncle Bud and Max, may he have a spot in the sun


Uncle Bud

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uncle bud's dog and pony
uncle bud’s dog and pony


Uncle Bud

Rick Langston


360 270-6760

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Uncle Bud

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unclebud farmers market
unclebud farmers market

Uncle Bud

From Mary Wheeler’s book Steamboatin’ Days: Folk Songs of the River Packet Era. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana University Press, 1944 pp. 94-97). Uncle Bud also appears in Zydeco songs with rather ‘colorful’ lyrics!

  1. Well old Uncle Bud comin’ down the road,
    Haulin’ women by the wagon load.
    Uncle Bud, Uncle Bud,
    Uncle Bud, Bud, doggone it, Uncle Bud.
  2. Well up he slipped and down he fell
    Mouth fell open like a mussel shell.
  3. Well he passed by here an’ sweepin’ low,
    Forgot his bottle and his overcoat.
  4. Some these mornin’s and it won’t be long,
    I’ll leave this town, blowin’ my horn.
  5. Way down yonder where I come from,
    They feed them rousters on the hard, parched corn.
  6. They growed so tall and they growed so fat,
    Swelled up big, couldn’t wear a hat.
  7. Some folks say Uncle Bud wasn’t around
    It’s a god-damned lie, he oughta be in town.
  8. Well some folks say Uncle Bud was dead,
    It’s a goddamn lie he oughta be in bed.
  9. Well I worked in the summer, and in the fall
    Now winter found me in blue overalls.
  10. Well old Uncle Bud comin’ down the road,
    Draggin women by the wagon load.

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uncle bud in ole montucky
uncle bud in ole montucky











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